10 Things About Me — REVISED (see #8)

In Response to DHBogucki’s Response to Tim Cigelske’s Post:

#1 — I value compassion over all. But, in full disclosure, I extend less compassion to myself than anyone else.

#2 — I believe deeply in equality — for ALL.

#3 — I am an animal activist. I’ve had, to the best of my counting ability, 62 pets in my life — cats, dogs, a pig, a donkey, turtles, mice, a horse, an iguana, a monkey, several snakes and lizards, a duck, 2 goats, and 2 guinea pigs.

#4 — I dislike borders, walls, anything that keeps us separated and disconnected. I believe in inclusion.

#5 — I love music and wish I wasn’t tone deaf. And because tone-deafness affects one’s ability to learn languages, I am left wishing I could sing and speak multiple languages.

#6 — I am a motherless daughter and that has colored every aspect of my life. (My mother died when I was three months old.)

#7 — My birth family was dysfunctional and distant so I created a new family. Because of this familial dysfunction, I’ve struggled with passive/aggressive issues my entire life — reluctant to speak my mind boldly and truthfully, especially when dealing with personal matters. Age, experience, and my husband have helped to ease my own dysfunction.

#8 — I am a procrastinator. Note: My husband disputes this — mostly — says I only procrastinate on certain things but am overly efficient on everything else. He said #8 should be that I have an incredible capacity for work. I can clock 60+ hours a week at work, take care of six pets, the house, and him, as well as the grandkids on the weekend and not blink twice. True to a point. He is a huge help around the house and with the pets — in fact, I probably only do about 40% of the work that deals with our home life. He doesn’t drive any longer, though, due to one of his medications, so I am also the chauffeur. And, I am the one most involved with the grandchildren, although he cooks for them (and me!) — and the kids are a big help to me around the house and in the garden. Still my capacity for work has been almost legendary with all I work with and for.

#9 — I never had children but adopted a runaway teenager originally from Honduras and that decision completely and miraculously changed my existence. Without the entrance of her into my life, I would not have my current husband, two fabulous grandchildren, and many of my current friends, nor would I be living where I reside.

#10 — Writing and reading are my favorite pastimes.

When I told my grandchildren this past weekend that I would be writing this list on Medium, they insisted that I put what they think is the most important thing about me. So, I am making a #11 — my grandchildren say that the most important thing about me is my heart, a heart that loves always and loves strongly and deeply.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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