103 Days of Creativity — Week One

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In response to this creativity challenge by Lindsay Linegar:

My grandchildren have moved far away and I am in a state of extreme sadness. Lindsay Linegar’s challenge seemed like an answer to perennial funk. I changed one rule — I may not take a day off because I work in spurts in between my paying jobs and other duties, and if I do take a day off, it will be Saturday, not Sunday as Lindsay chose.

Saturday, June 30, Day 1:

On June 30th, my grandchildren left — my challenge day off — but since I hadn’t begun the challenge it didn’t feel like a day off. I spent most of the day crying and drowning myself in work. Work is my go-to therapy. Admittedly, not the best therapy but it has gotten me through many difficult times. Work hard, don’t think. However, I did take time to work on a piece for Medium that I would post on Tuesday,

My intent for this challenge was to engage in more than writing and photography, which I already do with great frequency. However, with intense sadness and a monumental workload weighing me down this week I stayed with what I know best — writing and photography. Both admirable areas of creation but not a stretch for me. The stretching may need to wait a while.

Sunday, July 1, Day 2:

I wrote this for a writing prompt on Medium:

I also posted 13 comments on Medium and worked on one piece I haven’t posted yet.

And, I went shopping (Does this count?) for supplies for an artistic project I want to share with my grandchildren — I will do my part here and they can do their part in their new state.

Monday, July 2, Day 3:

I completed this piece about my grandchildren leaving and posted it on Medium:

And, posted 10 comments on Medium. Also, worked on another Medium piece that I will post later.

Tuesday, July 3, Day 4:

I posted this photography piece on Medium:

And, posted 13 comments on Medium. I also took two photos that I hope to use for future projects

Wednesday, July 4, Day 5:

I worked on another piece for Medium that I finished and posted on Thursday and posted 11 comments. I also took one photo and organized many older photos for a future Medium post.

Thursday, July 5, Day 6:

I posted this poem on Medium for a poetry prompt:

Also, posted six comments on Medium and took 11 photos.

Friday, July 6, Day 7:

I created and posted this photograph compilation on Medium:

And, posted 4 comments on Medium and worked on a piece to post later. I also took 5 photos that I hope to use for future projects/posts.

Saturday, Day 8:

Yes, yes, I know, this is supposed to be my day off but creativity doesn’t know calendars. So, here I am writing this post tonight, and I also completed a poem I started yesterday and posted today:

And, I began, completed, and submitted a new poem. Just waiting for it to be published on Medium. I also read these articles on Medium about creativity:

And signed up for a writing class and two writing/creativity newsletters.

I’ve made it through a week with my grandchildren not here. It feels like they’ve been gone of a month. Talking to them on the phone — they don’t yet have Wifi set up for Skype — is pleasant but not the same as having them here.

This morning seemed so empty. A typical Saturday meant the children being here, staying the night after I picked them up from school on Friday or after my daughter dropped them off Friday afternoon. They weren’t here. They won’t be here for a very long time. And, I struggled to understand and accept that reality.

Work is overwhelming right now and next week we are hoping to adopt two senior dogs. I will be very busy. Still, I am sure I can write and take pictures. Just not sure I am ready to tackle other creative activities. They will come eventually but maybe not now.



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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.