4 high schools! No wonder you didn't attend any reunions.

My conversations that evening, for the most part, were enjoyable but very limited. That reunion was before Facebook. Later, I reconnected there with some of my schoolmates but, again, our Facebook conversations were filled with life facts and nothing else. We had truly NOTHING in common. I eventually closed that Facebook account because I had so many "friends" who weren't "friends" - they were just clutter in my life - easier to close the account than purge my list of friends.

If I've learned one major thing in life, it's that friendship are not forever and most should not be everlasting. Trying to force them to have an artificial life via social media is like being slowly strangled. It's all about location!!

BTW, I have been neglectful in telling you how much I enjoyed the Crow's Feet book. I bought additional copies to give to friends. You did an excellent job with it and I am sorry it's taken this long for me to tell you that. It was one of the bright spots in this dreary year!

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