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Dennett 2/22/2021 ~ Expectations

Photo-a-Day Challenge

I’m behind in posting this Photo-a-Day piece for the last week of February. In fact, I am behind in so much here on Medium and elsewhere.

I received my second Moderna vaccine on February 22nd and by Tuesday, I struggled to keep my eyes open for more than an hour or two. Yes, somnolence is one of the known side-effects. I spent most of Tuesday and a good portion of Wednesday sleeping. By Thursday, I was almost back to normal. Then . . . a chronic health issue I have kicked in and has continued kicking for 10 days. …

Stupendous photos, Anne! I expected as much but was surprised at all the locations. My faves? 2012 Balderschwang and 2020 Odenwald. What can I say? I have a thing for German sunsets! And, you know how enchanted I was with your "fairytale village" - I look forward to you returning there.

Thanks for participating in such a spectacular way!

W&W March Prompt / Sunsets

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© Dennett ~ 2016

They call it the sunset of life
with a grimace
focusing on the pending dark
not the present beauty

As youthful light dims
mature hues deepen
I see a life well-lived,
not one declining

My sunset is varied and full
grasping the future
as the past slips away
appreciating what was, is, and will be.

Bathe me in the brilliance of
each passing year
Chroma is my preference
as my sun sets in glory.

I am Nature’s Canvas.

I‘m enjoying the sunset of my life. And, I’m still enjoying all the sunsets and sunrises that come my way.

I want…

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© Dennett 2/25/21

Hello, Weeds & Wildflowers,

I don’t know about your corner of the world but mine is in full bloom! Spring has finally arrived after an unusually dismal winter with way too many freezing nights and cold days.

Now, I can hear you snow-bounders grumbling about a Floridian complaining about a “cold” winter. Keep in mind, though, our houses and heating systems are not built to withstand super cold temperatures — just like Texas sadly proved — and we don’t have a large selection of winter garb. …

Scrittura Prompt / What does your world look like?

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Image Credit: Pixabay

Vitals. Innards. Bowels. Guts. Vitals because you are.

I call you my villain — vexatious, venomous, and vicious viscera. A tangled, twisted serpent that slinks through my days and slithers through my dreams.

When did we stop being friends? How can I deserve such acrimony after housing you these many years?

Why did you break up with me?

It wasn’t the bourbon that warmed you or the peppers that excited you. It wasn’t the ice cream that cooled you or the soup that soothed you.

No, it was the soft, gentle wheat — like lilies in the field. It was…

lock the door / toss the key

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Photo by Jacob Morch on Unsplash

The house of white is empty of orange,
my gratitude is overflowing,
but let’s make sure that shit don’t happen again.

Congressional ReTrumplicans didn’t do their job,
leaving us with future fears —
got to make that January adios a forever adieu.

“To God” is not literal, She’d never let you near,
but there is no “to devil” goodbye . . .
until now — au diable, DT.

Leaving you in the past, hoping you stay —
play golf, cheat on taxes, stiff contractors,
just stay the hell out of government.

Find your…

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© Dennett ~ 2/15/2021 ~ Ashy

Photo-a-Day Challenge

Our shadowy winter continued last week with more gloom and more cold. Day-after-day, a little light here or there, but not much until Friday. Then, the sun returned and laughed in our faces,

I’ve been to Cancun!

(Yes, that’s a Ted Cruz reference — sorry!)

Again, I hope we’ve left temperatures in the 30s behind us. Again, I hope spring is really, truly here.

And I am grateful I don’t live in Texas — because of the horrific winter storm there, because of their inadequate utility infrastructure, because of Ted Cruz and whoever that governor is who slings blame everywhere…

Most of my shots are when walking, Sherry, and I have a fierce Lhasa Apso by my side who lives to chase squirrels!

Those on our patio have screen between themselves and the dog and 2 cats who watch them feed on peanuts and sunflowers seeds.


I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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