HiA friend of mine says she never asks the Universe for anything because she might get it. She is referring to how she may get it. Your son’s car accident is a perfect example. Not what you intended when you wished for a car.

I hope you have better luck that I did and are able to manifest the place of your dreams. The odd thing was that I wasn’t trying all that hard. I was blogging mostly about staying positive about my daily experiences and about trying to find the good in everything. I looked at homes in that town that I liked, but I was not attached to any of them. I was open to the Universe making the choice. Looking at the homes and imagining us in the them was a method to keep my vibration high. When nothing seemed to be working, a friend said that maybe the Universe wanted me to participate more in the process — she thought I was taking too much of a sit back and wait stance. What she said made sense to me. That is when I started networking in the town, trying to find a way to move my business there. Manifesting a home in that town was always in the forefront of my mind but I was not obsessed with it. I was very laid back, just waiting for the Universe to work some magic.

I am still sad and confused about the whole experiment but my life is good. I have work, I am buying a home, I am basically, on most days, fairly happy. I don’t ask for or look for gifts from the Universe or anyone or anything. I just do my work, live my life, and write. In the current political climate, I am just grateful when I wake up and someone hasn’t nuked us.

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