Actually, it ended up being yesterday. Originally, my daughter said the kids could only have dinner with us Friday while she drove to pick up up her husband at Orlando airport. They were planning to leave very early Saturday so the kids couldn’t spend the night with us. Turns out she let the kids stay the night and they didn’t leave town, driving to their new state, until around noon yesterday. It was an unexpected and very welcome surprise to have more time to spend with the kids. Every second with them is a gift.

The leaving part was extremely difficult, even worse than I imagined. I knew I would be a mess but did not expect my husband or the children to be as distraught as they were.

Had to drive the children to a restaurant to meet up with my daughter and her husband. We arrived first. Sat in the car crying for 15 minutes. Kids were nearly hysterical. I am surprised someone didn’t call the cops on me, thinking that I abused the kids to have them wailing as they were.

It was very, very difficult.

I worked all afternoon and well into the evening yesterday and am working all day today. Work helps me cope. Today I am a little better than yesterday but still incredibly sad.

They drove a little more than half way and are visiting with a friend for a couple of days, planning to arrive at their new home Tuesday. Wednesday is our Independence Day so they will go in search of celebrations and fireworks. That will be a nice distraction for the children.

One day at a time. Staying busy, trying not to think too much. Thanks for checking on me.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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