Agnes, this post is fabulous and your photos are spectacular. I have a great love for architectural photography and have taken thousands of photos in NYC. You have an eye for it, also.

My experience has been that one can find a level of happiness almost anywhere, but certain places feed our souls and others don’t. When you are in a place that doesn’t, getting away regularly, even for a few hours, to somewhere that does feed your soul is the only way to keep your happiness from withering.

I lived for 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia and hated it there — never felt at home or that I belonged. Unfortunately, in those long-ago years, I didn’t realize what was happening to me and didn’t have much money to get away, so I spent day in and day out in an environment that gave nothing to me. I became depleted and sick, unaware of why. In retrospect and with many years under my belt, I realize I needed to get out of there as often as possible to keep my soul and my psyche healthy.

I imagine I would feel the same should I reside in Manhattan. I love that city but living there isn’t the same as visiting. Fortunately, there are so many spectacular parks there, one might be able to get-away within the city limits. I hope your city is the same.

Take care of yourself. Get out in nature as much as you can and enjoy the new experiences of urban life!

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