Ah, but I don’t defend Word — in fact, I dislike it intensely. I use WordPerfect as do many attorneys in this area.

Truthfully, I’ve rarely used Pages. I simply dislike Apple in general. I know all the arguments in favor of it but having been forced to use it for two clients over the past 30 years, I still can’t stand it. So many features are missing that typists need — maybe not true for artists but if you are working on a deadline, Apple versions of programs are cumbersome and often require extra motions.

I definitely see the advantages for those using it for artistic endeavors but if your work is mostly typing and data entry, Apple is not efficient.

Preferring the security protection of Apple, one of my attorney clients switched to an Apple computer. One month later, he gave his Apple to his son and bought a Windows computer. He could produce documents and enter figures in real estate closing programs much faster using Windows-based programs than Apple ones.

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