Ah, Larry, Larry, I have a business and a life to manage. I don’t have the time nor the desire to continue an endless loop of disagreements and challenges with you. We will NEVER agree. And, you definitely don’t want me responding at length about your comments on husbands, wives, marriage, etc. But, I will say this — I don’t know one, NOT ONE, woman who has come out ahead in a divorce and NOT ONE who receives or received long-term alimony. Must receive NONE and are lucky to receive the child support ordered by the court. I work with family law attorneys and it is usually (not always, but usually) the man who walks out and drains the accounts, etc. leaving not only his wife, but his children with nothing or next to nothing.

So, I bring this discussion to an end. We will get nowhere by continuing it.

Whether you do or not, I have a busy life that demands my attention.

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