Aha! Interesting suggestion, Mark. I was recently listening to Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones on Audible, and she wrote about being tone deaf and unable to sing. She is a Zen Buddhist and studies various other Eastern spiritual practices. For some reason I can’t recall, her Zen master sent her to a Sufi singer to learn how to chant-sing. She told the Sufi singer that she was tone deaf and was never able to learn how to sing on key. He told her she didn’t have the right teacher or method. He proceeded to teach her how to sing on key.

So, perhaps the secret is to retrain our brain and ears through singing first! I was humiliated in middle school when I auditioned for the school choir, an audition that was mostly a formality because everyone who tried out was accepted. Except me. At the time of my audition, I was the only rejectee in the choir’s 5 years of existence. I was so embarrassed that I never sang out loud again. Perhaps, I needed singing lessons so I could be speaking French and Spanish now!

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