Amber Lisa, Ezinne may never convince the die-hard racists, of which there are many, but her words can definitely sway someone on the fence, not sure what to believe about racism. Or, she can help someone who is more apathetic become more interested, to pay attention. Or, she can help someone who is physically isolated to know what happens outside his/her small world. Or, she can reach the young before they are completely brainwashed. Or, she can unify those who already know what she knows.

I am a liberal and in my youth was actively involved in various organizations that worked for civil rights, women’s rights, and animal rights. But, like most people, as I matured, I became too busy making a living, paying bills, dealing with the daily problems that weigh us down and steal our energy and commitment to anything other than our survival and the survival of our loved ones.

Now that I am older with a few less cares on my shoulders, I am writing and learning and exploring again. That’s how I discovered Medium.

Ezinne was one of the first contributors I followed. She helped me reawaken to what I spent decades ignoring as I worked and dealt with my depression and my husband’s, as I adopted a Spanish-speaking teenager, as I cared for aging parents, as I left my marriage and struggled to find myself in a new life. She showed me that not much had changed, and very little for the better, while I was not paying attention.

She didn’t change my mind but she woke it up. She engaged it. She encouraged me to be more involved.

Not every literary rant has to change minds. It only has to tickle curiosity.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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