AMP. my rant was certainly not comparing retail grievances with war nor any other more serious issue, and all most all of them are more serious than my aggravations with Lowe’s and Walmart!

My piece was mostly a personal rant but also a commentary on how we have lost our sense of decency toward one another. Many people in service-oriented businesses, like retail, no longer care about a customer’s problem, cannot be bothered to be polite, and often don’t care if they facilitate a sale or not. I was making observations on what I see as a deterioration of American public behavior, which I believe is being encouraged by the even worse behavior of our president. My experience right before Thanksgiving was one of many but one that put me, as they say, over-the-edge that night.

I definitely could have ranted about the never-ending war or tax cuts for the wealthy or the dismantling of Obamacare or our country’s deteriorating infrastructure or the lies we are exposed to by our government officials every damn day or any of many, many other atrocities that are so much worse than my retail problem (and, I have ranted about those things) but none of those things were on my mind that night. My mind was focused on antiquated retail shopping systems, the incivility of retail employees, large billion-dollar corporations that pay minimum wage and provide no benefits for their employees, our so-called leaders who are only interested in benefiting themselves, and my incomprehension of why anyone other than the very wealthy would ever vote for DT.

I left all the other national problems for another day. . .

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