And not having a Christmas horror story is a good thing. Expecting the worse and getting the best is often the result of true life. We don’t celebrate the unexpected often enough. You built us up for a suspenseful fall and gave us a soft landing. Reminds me of the time I was about five and fell from a tall dogwood tree, expecting the worst, fear clutching at my throat. But, my father raked leaves earlier and when gathering the piles to burn, he missed one under the dogwood tree, and that is where I landed. Other than a bump against a limb on the way down, I was unscathed. Your story and mine are similar. I, like the boy, was doing something I’d been warned not to do, and in spite of our disobedience and poor judgment, we landed softly. I am grateful for soft landings.

Thoroughly enjoyed your piece and find the suggestion that the man could be dad intriguing.

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