Ann, this piece is so tuned in to where I am right now.

In the past year, I have lost so many people I considered friends. People who refuse to wear a mask around me despite the fact that my husband has a weak immune system and would surely die if I brought the virus home to him. They claim to be exercising their "liberty" but at the potential expense of someone else's health or life. I remind them that they are not free to drive 100 mph or without a license or not pay taxes (unless they're Trump, it seems). They says "it's different" but it's not. These people are not my friends, and I wonder if they ever were. Some I've know for more than three decades and they refuse to wear a mask around me!

I am appalled at the selfishness I encounter every day.

My world is shrinking. A year ago that thought would have saddened and maybe, angered me. Now, I am relieved. Let 'em go!

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