Anneyé, I worked once with a brilliant attorney who graduated from law school with every imaginable honor. Once we were discussing my Hispanic family and she asked about my Spanish fluency. I told her about my difficulties with Spanish and French, how years of study left me able to read and understand fluently and even write adequately but almost mute in speaking either language.

She asked if I could sing. I replied that I was tone deaf. “And that is the crux of your problem!” she declared.

She too was tone deaf. A stellar student, she was able to get excellent grades in Spanish because of her reading, writing, and understanding competency. But, sooner or later, a language student can no longer hide an inability to speak in the tongue being studied. A professor asked her the same question she inquired of me and she replied the same. He suggested she give up trying to learn any living language and study Latin instead. She did and was the top scholar in every Latin class she took.

Regarding your stories, I loved them both and look forward to reading more of your work.

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