As a teenager, I spent a couple of years in Maine surrounded by many French speakers. Now I am in Florida surrounded by Spanish speakers.

My husband is Argentinian. My adopted daughter is Honduran. She was a teenager when I adopted her, only 2 years in the U.S. Her first husband is Puerto Rican and their two children are bi-lingual. Her second and current husband is Peruvian. Our next door neighbors are Cuban. We have friends from nearly every country in Central and South America. I am surrounded by Spanish and struggle to say the most basic sentences in spite of studying with a private tutor!! I have so much empathy for anyone learning a new language, especially a difficult one like English.

By the way, I love your city although it’s been many, many years since I visited there. More recent trips to Canada, and even those we 15 and 20 years ago, were to the Toronto and Niagara areas — also friendly, beautiful places.

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