Aw, this is so sweet, Jack - well, except for the gun sign and Trump flag! I know that river from my much younger days living in Maryland and visiting your area of PA often.

Ben and I did something similar yesterday (my photos will post tomorrow, maybe). It was my birthday. No going out, no party, no traditional birthday fun in this viral Trumpland. And, that was fine. I took the week off to hide anyway. I really did not want to see a soul.

Add that I've been suffering from severe food allergies and poor Ben couldn't even cook for me on my birthday!

So, for my gift, he accompanied me to Paynes Prairie to take photos. Have posted pics from there before but hadn't been since spring. It was nice to get away from our neighborhood and to go somewhere other than a doctor's appointment with him!

Beautiful, warm, windy day. Some good shots, although the wind was stiff enough that all the photos of flowers and water plants were blurry. Also, no wading birds (my great blues) were around due to the wind. But, a nice outing nonetheless.

We have to make our own fun these days, don't we, Jack? You and Deb are experts at it. Thanks for sharing your outings with us.

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