Bats are good. My vet is a bat expert. People bring her injured bats and baby bats that have fallen out of their Batmobiles — um, nests. She lets baby ones sleep under the collar of of her lab coat while she works. Carries Qtips and bat milk or formula or whatever in her pocket. She was once talking to me after a pet’s annual exam when her watch alarm sounded. She reached in her pocket, still talking, took out a vial of some milky substance, dipped the Qtip in it, while gently extracting a teeny tiny bat from under her collar. While discussing my cat’s increasing chunkiness, she held the bitty bat and let it suck milk from the Qtip. Another day at the office for her. At the time, I was petrified of bats but my continuing exposure to them at her clinic and after a few pro-bat lectures from her, I learned to love and appreciate them. But still, seeing them hanging over my head in a cave would be unsettling.

I have a client who does real spelunking — sorry, Jack, what you did was a touristy cave visit thing. Anyhow, my client and his 80+year-old dad do the scary stuff. As I am doing his monthly accounting, he tells me terrifying stories about spelunking. I have nightmares afterwards.

Love your photos!

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