Bravo for you for doing this photo shoot! How empowering! Although fancy intimates and photo shoots of myself are not within my comfort zone, I applaud you for celebrating who you are now.

I turned 64 last week and I agree with all you wrote here. I feel better about myself than at any time in my life but society doesn’t value me as it once did. I work with several woman in the 55 to 67 range and although very accomplished in their fields, as they age, they feel outcast, diminished, and marginalized by their employers, younger co-workers, and clients. Many, who planned on working as long as their health remained strong, are now making arrangements for earlier retirements because they feel so replaceable and under-valued in their careers.

Perhaps, recreation is the key at our ages. Maybe we need to embrace changes, including those that seem negative, and believe something better is on the horizon. Perhaps, it is time for us to create who we always wanted to be.

But, simultaneously, we can’t simply let employers, clients, and society in general dismiss us like yesterday’s news. How do we regain our power in the workplace and in the job markets when others erroneously view us as has-beens? Aging men in business are seen as wise and experienced while older women are dismissed as fuddy-duddy, grandmotherly, and ineffectual even when those descriptions are far from reality.

Thank you for showing what older women truly are.

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