Congratulations, Jack! Although, I am sure you would rather ease out on your terms than feel you’re being pushed out by incompetence.

And, yes, I understand the complete disruption that changing banks causes. In fact, I dropped a client because the managing partner changed banks (they had 5 accounts) four times in three years! Chaos ensued each time.

My largest client, where I work just shy of fulltime hours, was courted by a new bank whose officers had long ago relationships with the two partners for whom I work. I attended the sales pitch meeting, smiled, and made friendly comments.

Oh, let me point out that my client has 14 active bank accounts with their current financial institution and one of those accounts has more than 10 million dollars of activity and more than 1,000 checks that clear each month.

After the meeting, the managing partner asked me if I’d be willing to manage the changing of banks. My reply went like this:

I won’t have to because I won’t be here. My retirement is effective the moment you make that decision.

Needless to say, the bank accounts were not moved.

As a bone, my client opened on account at the new bank to handle the commercial loan closings they throw our way. No more than 30 checks a month. I can handle that!

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