Dang it, Terry, this is superb — really, really good.

I don’t watch L&O but did see that Modern Family episode and it left me in tears. I don’t know if I want TV to make me mindlessly believe in a fantasy that doesn’t exist but makes me wish it did, or if I want TV to be as real as my life or perhaps, even more so.

I get home late most nights — 7:30 or 8 pm. I’m tired and my mind is mush. My retired husband records the news. I watch as I eat a very late dinner, and then, often wish I hadn’t, sometimes wanting to return the food to its source, which these days is a nonbiodegradable take-out or food-delivery container that makes me feel guilty for eating whatever was in it.

After David Muir makes me wish I died before Trump became president or whatever the hell he is, I want comedy — something stupidly funny to make me forget how tired I am and how mad I am that I’m 65 and working 50+ hours a week.

Sometimes I find it, the silly show that makes me forget here and Washington. Sometimes I find Modern Family, or something like it, that makes me cry.

And, that’s okay, I think, because I need to feel for something outside of my world.

Thank you for this, Terry.

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