Daria Krauzo, you wrapped up the feelings of a reader/writer like a gift in silver paper and tied with a golden bow.

We had a bookstore like that in my city. An eclectic, creative, comforting, safe place with poetry slams, writer groups, writing/knitting groups, musicians, LGBTQ support meetings, and solitary visitors who found quiet corners to create or read or be.

The owners never made a profit, working other jobs to keep their haven open. Moving when the almost rundown business neighborhood became gentrified, resulting in tripled rent. Forced to reconvene in a space one quarter the size on a less traveled street, reducing inventory and turning away groups and events for lack of space. Holding on for a couple of years before facing the bitter reality that these days even a college town was not academic enough to keep an independent bookstore open.

The store closed in December 2017 like the tragic death of a special friend.

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