December 14, 2016 — North Central Florida

This morning the sky seemed to sparkle in its blueness. The sunlight was a gentle white-gold that softened my surroundings as I drove to work. Construction crews and road workers in short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts labored on nearly every street, grateful for the 70-degree day that was not cold enough for jackets and not warm enough to create a sweat.

I stop at my client’s bank and am greeted by a male bank teller elf. Ridiculously-high, green, pixie hat above his wide grin. His cheerfulness was too much, too early.

As I travel to a different client’s office in the early afternoon, I see the clouds to the west and north gathering like armies on dark horses. Perhaps, after all, we will get the much-needed rain that my weather app predicted before dawn this morning.

In spite of the warm temperatures, I stop for a Christmas-flavored coffee at Starbucks. People peruse the green, red and white holiday offerings on the shelves. Others sit in armchairs reading or at cafe tables using laptops and tablets. There is Christmas music in the background. I chat with a client sharing a coffee with his wife, wish them happy holidays, grab my coffee and scurry to my car through the raindrops.

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