December 18, 2016 — North Central Florida

I wake up with a start suddenly realizing we are no longer in Mount Dora. I feel our cat Tango warm and purring by my feet. When we arrived home yesterday, Tango acted as though we’d been gone for weeks, rather than two days. Wherever we walked in the house, he followed, meowing insistently. As soon as one of us sat down, he bounded on the available lap as though to keep the person anchored in that spot unable to ever leave again.

Looking out our bedroom window, I can see the sky blanketed in clouds and hope for the rain we need so badly. On the ride home yesterday, we saw fields, meadows and forests that looked brown and crispy. I worry that our area will experience wildfires like the recent ones in Tennessee.

After breakfast and a little reading, I head to my busiest client’s office. My desk looks as though I was gone much longer than two days. I work steadily for five hours. As I leave, I see that the parking lot is wet and puddled. Some rain fell, but far from enough. The skies have cleared to blue, but the air is thick with humidity, and I hope that indicates more rain tomorrow.

After so much walking in Mount Dora, my back is aching from hours seated in a chair. With a slight bend at my waist, I walk to my car to go home where I can tackle household responsibilities that accumulated during my short absence. Our mini-vacation in Mount Dora seems far, far away.

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