Depends on when you are there, Kim. But, honestly, I don’t care for the whole Panhandle area. The roads are narrow and winding, causing the traffic congestion to seem worse than it would in other places. I am sure your coastal cities and towns are just as busy!

Dry weather does not suit me. We’ve had a few very dry springs and summers in the past and I stayed sick constantly. Humidity is my friend. I don’t mind the rain. We don’t have monsoons, days and days of rain — mostly just showers and storms that come and go in an hour or so. Of course, tropical storms and hurricanes are the exceptions! But, for our area, they are not that common — well, they weren’t — with global warming the weather extremes are getting much worse making it hard to predict what the future will bring.

I also have a need to be near bodies of water. I have lived near the ocean, near rivers, and now we have a lake in our backyard. Water soothes my soul.

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