Erik Smith, one of the most embarrassing things about this presidency is that it doesn’t just affect us, it affects the whole world. I feel like decent Americans need to be apologizing daily.

I do talk and write and sometimes join in rallies and protests. But, I also work 50+ hours a week (60+ from December through March), my two young grandchildren spend most weekends with me, and I have a husband, 2 elderly dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and a cat! And, I am not a young person anymore!

Honestly, the daily barrage of political garbage, Twitter insults, public outrage, and sad stories are exhausting. It weighs one down until leaving bed seems impossible. When I watch news on television or read some of the political articles on Medium, I feel encumbered, overwhelmed, and so incredibly sad and defeated.

I protested and wrote letters to Congress in the 60’s and 70’s. I shouldn’t have to fight the same fights 40 years later. And, honestly, I wonder if the USA is worth fighting for anymore. There are so many people like him . . .

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