Erik, this are fabulous! I didn’t know you work with steel and are such a good artist! Thank you so very much for sharing these. By the way, I like the mother one as it is. Why? Because your wife was pregnant at the time and I see the open belly area as anticipation of the unknown. True, these days most parents know the gender of a child before birth but they don’t know the child. The child is an unknown piece to the family puzzle. Having that space represents being open to what is created in the space — the little human you two created. Every child is a work in progress from conception until the end of life. We all are. The piece is perfect because it represents the unknown process of life.

And, you know, hearts are meant to be broken. If your heart never breaks, you are living a closed and empty life with a heart that is shut down and sealed tight. Those who don’t feel aren’t living and feeling means accepting the bad and the good, being broken and healed over and over and over.

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