Excellent piece, Shannon. There is no doubt that Trump and his followers fit the definition of a cult and the Republican Party is normalizing and justifying that cult. I am shocked that so few people, even those who strongly and loudly oppose Trump, refuse to see the seriousness of the delusions that he and others in his group promote. They snicker at the term cult being applied to a political group in America, refusing to see the insidiousness of his agenda. Evil isn’t a strong enough word to describe our current state of the government. People I once admired, particularly those who are leaders in their professions, people I once considered informed and intelligent, are making excuses for the hateful, decisive, and immature rantings of such a despicable man.

I’ve actually had Christians tell me that God is working through Trump in spite of his personal failings. Funny how those same people didn’t think God could work through Obama. I guess being black is a worse failing than being a racist, sexist, homophobic, narcissistic liar who has deep ties with Russia.

Keep ranting, keep writing, keep sounding the alarm. Many will still ignore the smoke but maybe a few will wake up and put out the raging fire. If not, the house will burn to the ground.

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