Fabulous story, Louise! I adore these local music/poetry shows. I did not realize you were a performer!

We have a bakery cafe in our city that hosted music on Friday nights. Maybe, 10 tables. Only on Fridays, they served personal pizzas in addition to their regular menu of sandwiches, salads, and specials.

There wasn't room for more than a 4-person group and their "stage" was the floor in front of the stacks of flour bags! But, what fun we had there on Friday nights! Sometimes, when the weather was nice, they'd move the music to a small outside patio. My granddaughter was encouraged to come up on the "flour stage" and sing once. Her first public performance!

Of course, the virus halted all of that, along with two poetry slams that were held weekly in town. So many gatherings have ceased, as they must, but it sure is sad.

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