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My daughter’s ex hasn’t paid a cent of child support for their two children. Because he is an anti-goverment, narcissistic, Trump supporter, he blows off court orders, hides under the protection of others, and only works for cash. Our court system cannot do anything and tells my daughter it is her job to hire a private detective to find him. But, if she had that kind of money, it would only lead to jail time for him, not money for her. He would disappear again as soon as he got out.

Oh, and he has a least one more child. Oh, and he is, in his words, a Man of God who is devoted to the teachings of Christ. Before disappearing to avoid child support, he told my daughter and their children that she was going to hell because she didn’t attend church regularly. His parents told her the same thing. He lives his life as he wants, doesn’t see his kids, and trash talks about her to his family while she worked for seven years as a cashier and lived with me to be able to raise her children in a decent environment. My retirement fund was spent raising that man’s children, which I gladly and lovingly did and would do again, while he shrugs off all responsibility.

My daughter has faced much of the same condemnation you describe. She shouldered the task of raising two children without any assistance from their father but “good Christians” vilified her, not him.

Our society, many of our churches, and our government give deadbeat fathers a free pass while ostracizing hardworking mothers. How dare anyone refer to the United States as a Christian society!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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