For employees there is no choice. The work must be done. Small offices and companies are notoriously bad about not cross-training. Too often only one person knows how to perform a critical job making time off almost impossible. I see too that the small employers live in fear of recessions and work slowdowns. They keep a small staff, too small for the busy times, so they won’t have to layoff employees in the lean times. My biggest client, the only one I work for every day, has been swamped with work for 3 years, forcing the employees to work evenings and weekends and making vacations nearly impossible. Still, the feeling that we are in a bubble that will soon burst, especially because of Trump, is very prevalent. Hiring more staff would be risky in the current economic and political environment. Plus, there is no physical space for additional people. Not to mention, even one new employee requires additional furniture, if there were office space available, a computer, printer, phone, and many additional software programs and licenses. One employee would generate about $3,000 or more in setup costs. Plus, hours and hours of training that no one has time to provide. So, small businesses overload their present staff with unrealistic amounts of work, just trying to swim until the flood subsides.

Because I am not an employee and have no contract for a specific amount of work, the extra work is often funneled to me. I either accept the overload or lose a client. Alas, I, too, end up swimming through the floods, hoping to reach drier land before I collapse.

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