Gail, I did realize that your comment about trains and the mid-west was just an example not meant to be taken as a statistical fact and so was mine. I just used the same example you did for continuation, but it does illustrate the problem. I can say the same about the South where I reside. People here could not care less about the needs of the Northeast or the Mid-West or the West Coast. It is like the Wild West but rather than every man for himself, it is every region or state or group for itself. No one is looking at what is best for all of us. For example, if the subways in NYC stop working, all of us will feel the impact, not just New Yorkers. The examples we both used were not meant to be quotes of facts but definitely showed the narrow-mindedness of Americans.

And, yes, politics is a dirty word because of money and special interests. So, look at what we have done — we elected officials who are rewarding the wealthy and the corporations and hurting the general population. That happened because we allowed it to happen. We are allowing this budget to pass that will decimate the middle and lower classes. Perhaps, if we had been talking politics more often, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Perhaps, I and people like me would not be worried that our way of life will soon end.

I know you think your piece about freight trains got off track but it truly didn’t. It started an important and needed conversation. Again, conversations about politics are what keep us from becoming a totalitarian regime. Your piece started a conversation and isn’t that what Medium is about? You should be proud of the result.

Perhaps, my responses made you uncomfortable or caused you to feel threatened or misunderstood. But, that is how most Americans feel every day of their lives. Now that is something to consider.

If we can’t discuss politics, perhaps we shouldn’t talk (or write) about anything because everything else is at risk if we don’t talk politics. Maybe one day we won’t have these conversations because we aren’t allowed to. Then, we will wish we had.

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