Gail. What I find is that an idea or the lack of one marinates during the day. Because I work with numbers all day, my creative brain is mostly dormant, unless I write while I have lunch. A writing prompt or an idea that has left me struggling will unconsciously stir my creative mind while I am dealing with facts and logic. In the evening, I will reluctantly sit down at the computer, expecting a painfully drawn out writing session with less than satisfactory results, and am always surprised when the ideas and words flow as though I had been laboring over them all day!

My goal with your challenge is to do this every evening. I typically write twice on Tuesdays for Kathy Jacobs' one line poem prompt and then for alto’s Tuesday Quotable prompt. My next scheduled time is Saturday or Sunday when I write my Whistling Duck Cottage piece. In between, I may work on a piece or put together a poem. This challenge is for each day, and by writing in the evening with no pre-thought of what to write, I’ll see what my brain has conjured up during the day, rather like your writing after sleeping. So that is my personal challenge.

With that said, I commit to 10 days. Shortly after that we are on vacation in NYC for several days. I will try to continue the commitment through vacation but promise nothing!

Thanks for this idea, Gail! It will be fun to follow everyone participating. Do you plan on a compilation of posts?

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