Great article, Jonas, and the advice therein is true. I have read many business advice books and articles and rarely walked away with any pearls. But, often walked away annoyed or even appalled at how people attract customers and conduct business. Their ways were definitely not my ways and had I tried to walk in their footsteps, I would likely fail or succeed and be miserable.

I was recently listening on Audible to one of those how to succed and only work X number of hours per week books. As an overachiever and sometimes workaholic, I search for advice on how to lessen my working hours while still accomplishing what needs to be done. The book was read by the author. To me, he was an obnoxious narcissist. If I met him, I know I would not like him. His advice was very specific to his personality type. One would need to be an insanely overconfident risk-taker to follow in his footsteps. Plus, one would have to place his/her own monetary success way above the needs and satisfaction of customers. Definitely, not me. Definitely, not a strategy that plays well in my small city where there is barely three degrees of separation between locals. There was nothing even slightly spiritual about the author or his advice. So many business advice books are centered only on financial success.

If you are creating a local business or a business that relies on local connections, I recommend talking to successful local entrepreneurs, whether in your niche or not. Find a mentor. Join local networking groups and clubs. Forget about the hotshots who write splashy books. Get to know your local market and entrepreneurs. Every town has at least one wife like yours who walked the same path and knows the potholes, pebbles, and detours.

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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