Great conversation, Jack. You two are ENTERTAINING!

Interesting side note on saying Thank You. For 6 months in 2015, a young Chinese student /intern lived with us. She become another daughter to us. She was a tremendous help around the house and with our grandchildren. I thanked her for her helped, thanked her for all the little things she did. No more thank yous than what are typically sprinkled around our house. But, she never responded, no You’re Welcome, nothing.

Finally one day, with great sadness, she said, “I wish you thought of me as a family member.” Shocked, I assured her we did. She responded, “If you did, you wouldn’t say thank you all the time.”

Turns out that in her culture, thank yous are only for strangers and casual acquaintances. Family members don’t feel the need to say thank you. Helpfulness is expected from family.

I pointed out that our family always thanks one another. She admitted that she hadn’t noticed that, probably because she was too upset about our thanks yous to her.

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