Ha! I truly enjoyed this, Robert!

My experience is similar. Other than my husband, Captain Argentina, who joined Medium two years after me, no one in my family or among my friends has shown the slightest interest.

Oh, for fun? Well, I like photography and writing. I post photos and write poetry and other pieces on a website called Medium. You should check it out. I even have my own publication called Weeds & Wildflowers.

They never do. No one ever asks what I write, never requests to read something I wrote, never asks to see my photos on Medium. They tend to look perplexed when I tell them about Medium, as though I suddenly began jabbering in Guarani or some other language they don’t know and never heard of. It’s all outside their realm of Netflix, football, and the gym. And, that’s perfectly okay with me. Without them peering at my words, I don’t have to worry about what I write and what others will think. And, I can write about them!

I am pleased to have you here on W&W with us, Robert!

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