Hard freeze last night, tonight, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Chance of sleet, ice, or snow tonight and tomorrow. Temps last few days haven’t gotten out of the low 40’s. We usually have two, possibly three, hard freezes each winter but not multiple nights in a row. We even had two in early December.

We just aren’t prepared for such cold temperatures over so many days. Most homes have exposed pipes, few have garages to protect vehicles in the cold, and many are heated with heat pumps that are extremely inefficient or don’t work at all if the temperature stays below freezing for more than an hour or two. Many smaller homes use kerosene heaters which are dangerous and not very effective for prolonged cokd spells. Not to mention our foliage that was battered by Irma and hasn’t recovered sufficiently enough to handle this cold.

The cold is making people grumpy, too!!

Hope your weather eases up, too, but looks like a huge chunk of the country is suffering worse than we are.

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