Harper, this entire Trump travesty of justice is one thing — America should certainly be able to survive one Nazi con man— but what is happening in the Senate is criminal. How can there be a trial without witnesses?? We would never allow that in a regular court of law. How can anyone with an ounce of intelligence think that is the way to conduct a trial? The whole Senatorial affair was a despicable sham.

My hopelessness does not stem from Trump and his brainless followers but from the gaping holes in our democracy that have been exposed by his reign of corruption. First, we’ve seen that the president has entirely too much power. Second, the Senate majority leader can be a tyrant and crook and nothing can be done about it. Third, there is no recourse, except to vote the traitors out of office. But, then you have to wait until they run again. Then, you have to hope that a decent alternative also runs. Meanwhile, the harm they can do is tragically astounding.

Even if Trump was impeached and removed from office, his administration continues with him calling shots from Trump Tower. NOTHING WOULD CHANGE. Unlike, the Europeans, we don’t evict the whole bunch of gangsters, just the boss. Hell, Mafia bosses continued running their criminal families from jail. Trump could certainly do the same from his Towers.

OUR SYSTEM IS IRRETRIVABLY BROKEN. Or, perhaps, we are just beginning to see what has always been there. One shameless, lying huckster can destroy — and has destroyed — our democracy. And, anyone who cannot see that is either as corrupt and self-serving as Trump or is a fool. And, we are surrounded by fools! Trump’s lies are on record — thousands upon thousands of them — and still, his followers traipse after him like moths to the flame.

My only hope is death. Truthfully. I want to spend whatever days I have left trying to find a tad of joy in each day. I have no hope for the future for any of us and most sadly, no hope for my grandchildren.

America is dead. And, if there is anyone reading this who doesn’t agree, you are likely one of the nails in her coffin. Be proud of yourself. Your individual name won’t go down in history as a Destroyer of Democracy but you are there, your name is on an invisible list, you are one of the many who killed America. You — YOU — chose to believe lies, YOU chose hate, YOU chose selfishness, YOU can take credit along with everyone else duped by the Great Pretender.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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