Hello, fellow Floridian, and welcome to Weeds & Wildflowers, Noah!

My experience has been so different than most during this time. I haven't stopped working - not even during the so-called lockdown. Somehow, doing accounting for lawyers is essential. Not only have I worked, but I have worked incredibly hard. My biggest client, a law firm, is having its biggest year in more than 50 years of practice. I am working 7-days a week, envious of those who had downtime during the pandemic.

Almost all to whom I am close are very conscious and cautious about the virus but many, many around here are not. My husband is immune-compromised. Retired, he is staying home other than walking our dog and a weekly visit to a farm vegetable stand. I worry about bringing the virus home to him. I do all the shopping that we used to do together. Everything I bring in the house is cleaned with a bleach solution. I shower and change clothes after work and every other outing.

Keeping up with all this, on top of my avalanche of work, is exhausting.

While many complain of boredom, I want a break. Can't remember in which decade I last experienced boredom!

I worry that your family is not cautious about the virus. You can refuse to attend family functions that don't feel safe to you. They, in my opinion, need to be more attentive to your feelings and concerns.

Take care, my new friend, take care. You are in a very dangerous area of our state.

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