Hey, Hawkeye Pete Egan B., your story was hilarious in a serious way.

I work at various offices, most are law firms, and none are closed or have restricted hours. My largest client is a real estate law firm and the office is still having 6 to 10 closings a day with people coming in and out and sitting next to one another at conference tables. We are receiving 10 to 15 new contracts a day, which means people are still house-hunting. The staff is working 9 to 11 hours per weekday and several hours each weekend. The only concessions for the virus are hand sanitizers on desks and conference tables and pens are disinfected after each closing.

I voted in the Florida primary and our city’s local election yesterday. There wasn’t one bottle of sanitizer in sight. Two poll workers stood on either side of the door voters entered and another stood just inside the door. No way to keep a distance of 6 feet. I was required to hand my drivers license to the poll person and have it handed back to me along with a ballot. Then, I went to a booth where you must use the special pen that dozens before used. I was within a foot of the person who runs the ballot through the vote-counting machine and she handed me an I Voted sticker. At that point, it seemed senseless to refuse it. In my car, I used sanitizer on my hands and wiped it over the sticker before applying it to my shirt. I also wiped my car door handle.

I am still in shock that not a single bottle of sanitizer or Lysol spray was in the polling center, which, even more disturbingly, was located in the YMCA which was still operating with children gathering for swim lessons!!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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