History is not about statues. Statutes commerate those who were once thought to be heroes. Once we become better educated, more civilized, and more compassion, our opinions of heroes change and should change. Should Germany have statutes of Hitler in its town squares?

For the love of all that is right, let’s put the issue of these statues to rest. If they offend a large portion of our population, get rid of them. If they make heroes out of thugs, racists, and murderers, get rid of them. Simple. If you want to learn history, read a book. A statue will never teach you history.

Let’s put our emphasis on justice and fairness and compassion. Let’s figure out what is wrong with the training of our police officers that allows them, without consequences, to bully, beat, and murder suspects. Let’s figure out why they use lethal force before other deterrents. Let’s figure out why our police forces and municipal governments are invested in lies rather than truth. Let’s uncover the racism and misogyny that flows like poison through our departments of law enforcement. Let’s ask why African Americans are murdered by the very people entrusted with the protection of our citizens — all citizens.

Lastly, let’s ask why there isn’t more outrage in America. The French are rioting over taxes while we go about our American lives ignoring the murder of our own people at the hands of police — the so-called peacekeepers of our society.

Where is our outrage?

Where is your outrage?

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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