I agree with Tracy, Ezinne, name it, hold it, know it. I find that greeting depression as an old friend stopping by for a visit gives her the impermanence of a passer-by who shares a cup of coffee or a morning chat. Pushing her away just makes depression return with more vigor and determination to take a seat at the table and occupy a room in your head. Give her your time, a limited and stated amount. Sit with her, listen to her because, of all else, depression has wisdom to bestow. She has knowledge and understanding, a message you need to hear. Then, thank her and ask her to leave. She may, she may not. Danger comes in the may not. No one wants an uninvited visitor to linger indefinitely. That’s when you may need to ask for help in urging her away, possible eviction proceedings.

Your poem was a positive step.

Hoping with all my heart that her visit is just long enough to deliver her message. Kiss her cheek and send her away with a cookie and a rose.

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