I am blown away by this, Tracy! You come across, at least to me and here on Medium, as a bit secretive, hesitant to reveal the true you, which, honestly, is why I tagged you on 10 Things About Me. I am surprised, and very pleased, you responded!!

Now, I feel I know you, Tracy Aston, and your piece revealed that we are very much alike. Some similarities you may have guessed but some, maybe not.

I, too, have NO sense of direction, to the point that I think of it as a mental disability. Getting lost has been a consistent and terrifying occurrence in my life. When I realize where I am is not where I want to be, I panic. Truly panic, to the point that when driving in those situations, and I am almost certain to be driving when I get lost, I make horrible decisions that have resulted in accidents. Fortunately, accidents that involved no one else and only damaged my car. I have recurring nightmares of being lost. Oddly though, in my nightmares, I am always walking and usually lost in a school building. Can’t explain that.

Along with not having a sense of direction, I have terribly mistaken ideas of where places are. For example, in my mind Spain is off the coast of England. Of course, I know that isn’t true but when someone mentions either Spain or England, I see them in my mind as being close. I can stare at a map for hours, reaffirming the correct locations of both countries, but next time one or the other is mentioned, my mind returns to my incorrect map. Even here, I see the city of Jacksonville, Florida as being directly due west of my city when, in reality, it is northwest, and considerably further north than we are. I am unable to rearrange places in my mind. They simply won’t stick where they are supposed to be!

My empathy is also in overdrive. I too have saved one being from becoming the meal of another and then worried about the hungry being. I feel sorry for bugs and other creatures most people kill easily. One exception, fire ants, which are a serious and painful problem here. I have no mercy with fire ants!

The older I get the more intolerant I am of violence cloaked as entertainment. Isn’t this world violent enough??

Numbers 6, 8, 9, and 10 are me also. As well as the starting late one. My writing started early but was very quickly squashed by life until age resurrected it. Photography definitely had a late start, not interesting me until my mid-50’s.

Glad to meet you, Tracy, and thanks for participating 🌷

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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