I am still in the process (we move next Thursday & Friday) so I can’t comment on missing anything yet.

Yes, it has been hard to release some things. Clothes and many kitchen and household items were easy to relinquish but I’ve struggled with almost everything else. I am extremely sentimental, and I was finally forced to go through boxes that I brought from my mom’s house when she passed four years ago. Stacks of photos of family and friends — many I could not identify — some photos were from the early 1900’s. My sister’s baby book, unwanted by her, but still hard for me to trash. I felt like my mother was watching me, outraged that I was throwing away her life. Ceramics and knitted/crocheted pillows and afghans that she made but for which I have no room in my new place. A box of her bike-racing memorabilia that I can, fortunately, mail to a museum and let them decide what is worthy of retention.

Christmas decorations were also emotional to cull. I have more ornaments than one tree can hold which resulted in a living room tree plus a porch tree for several years. But, I had to give up the porch tree and dozens of ornaments, as well as at least eight ceramic Christmas pieces and several holiday pillows that my mother made. But, it was necessary for me to be tough and realistic. Truthfully, though, I am looking forward to a simpler Christmas with fewer hours spent decorating and undecorating.

Another sentimental roadblock was that my grandchildren have grown up in my house — my grandson was three and my granddaughter one when they moved in. Now they are ten and eight. They moved out almost three months ago, expecting that I would keep what won’t fit in their apartment bedrooms. Because I am downsizing, I can’t. It was difficult for them and for me to let go of so many of their treasures.

I have cried more times than I want to admit. But, I also feel lighter and freer. I probably would never have done this if not for downsizing, and it needed to be done. I keep reminding myself it is for the best and that many people will enjoy and appreciate what we released.

My backpack was definitely too heavy, Gail!!

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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