I believe I was grinning through your entire story, Anne. So many of our elders - geez, I am actually one of them now - perhaps, I should say so many elders like me are more isolated than ever because of the virus. But, that's not true of me. I am working more than ever. Still, I see retirees all around me who used to spend time traveling and/or visiting family or taking classes at the Senior Center and now, they can't. It's terribly sad.

Staying with your grandmother made golden memories for you and for her - she may not remember them all, but she will remember some.

Many years ago, I spent a few days with my great-aunt, who was in her late 90s, while my aunt and uncle, who lived next door and looked after her, went on a short vacation. I drove the almost 6 hours from where I lived to her condo, spent 4 glorious days with her, and drove home. Some of my happiest memories were made during those 4 days.

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