I call photos like this Little Moment Photos — my personal genre name for them — and shots like this are some of my favorite. A photo of a momentary slice in time that conveys more than you would imagine.

Here we have someone who is traveling, at an airport, waiting, enjoying coffee and a sweet. From there, we can extrapolate that the traveler may be impatient to continue on his journey or relieved to have a moment of peace and pleasure. Perhaps, he has been traveling all day or night and is tired, hence, the coffee. Perhaps, he is just beginning his journey and is excited or anxious to be moving and is taking this respite to relax before his flight.

Then, we can imagine the space where he is — obviously, an airport coffee shop or eatery. Likely, crowded. Probably, noisy. We can Google search Angel-in-us and discover it’s a coffee house chain from South Korea. Is our traveler in South Korea? Ah, but those coffee houses have expanded to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. He could be in any of those places, but we have narrowed his location to Asia.

Or, perhaps he works at the airport and is on his break? Hmm, not as plausible. I’ll stick with the traveler story!

The puzzle pieces we don’t have are: where is he headed and why?

And, that’s where we can pick up and write our own story. I can send Tien Skye anywhere in the world I want to send him and for whatever reason that might make an interesting tale. He’s off to Paris to rendezvous with an old love! He has a job interview in Japan! He’s coming to Florida to visit me!

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I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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