I certainly understand. My grandchildren are still young — 12 and 10 — but don’t have cell phones of their own. They have to get my daughter’s phone to be able to call me. Her phone is usually lost or out of power. But, my grandson had gotten very good about finding and checking his mother’s phone ahead of time and was calling me at least once every two weeks. Then, the calls stopped in November. Don’t know why. I’ve emailed him several times and only received one very short response. I don’t call because no one ever answers the phone, which is probably lost or out of power.

When I mailed Christmas packages, I texted my daughter and asked her to confirm when she received them — she did, by text, a day later. Nothing else.

All Christmas Day, I hoped for photos or a video of the kids opening presents and a phone call — nothing until 8:15 at night. I was the last thought of the day.

I didn’t answer. I worked during the day and was tired and not in the mood to pretend everything was okay. No voice mail, no text, nothing, and no one has called today.

I don’t understand what the heck is going on but I refuse to beg.

I was always a writer but lived in a bookkeeper’s body before I found Medium and broke free — well, almost. Working to work less and write more.

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