I closed my Facebook account due to politics. I had those types of discussions before the election and it made no difference. I have disassociated myself from family members and long-term friends. If what I said pre-election did not sway them, nothing I saw now will. Besides, I am too outraged and disgusted to engage in conversation with any of them. My last post on Facebook said something like: I hope all if you who put Hitler in the White House live long enough to suffer the pain and misery that your vote created. The future atrocities that will be experienced by our nation and the world are YOUR responsibility, YOUR creation. Just as the Germans who supported Hitler had to take their guilt to the grave, so will you.

I have nothing else to say to any of them. At least now I know what kind of hateful bigots they are. And if anyone tries to convince me that they voted for him for economic reasons, they have shown me how ignorant and cold-hearted they are. No one with an ounce of intelligence or empathy or compassion would vote for such a despicable person just because of economics and overlook his policies that are disastrous for women, minorities, children, immigrants, the disabled, the uninsured, LGBTQ, and all the others who have fought for equal rights and fair treatment. I will no longer waste my time and breath on Trump supporters, but bless your heart for trying. I hope you get some positive results, but I sadly doubt it.

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