I don’t know anything of Priyanka and little of Nick. I am not even slightly interested in royalty of any sort, anywhere. But, the nearly constant coverage of Meghan Markle inevitably caught my attention. I am appalled by her treatment in the news, printed or televised or spoken. Daily, she is under attack.

What I see is an intelligent, intriguing, and interesting woman who has taken on a difficult and challenging position in the name of love. She has navigated the rough and unwelcome waters of British royalty and her own dysfunctional family with grace, charm, and humor. I can’t imagine the forced transformation she has endured. I have no sympathy for her because she made a conscious choice to be part of a very privileged and rare class of British citizenry, but I do have empathy for the battle in which she’s been thrust so early in her new life. She doesn’t deserve the daily barrage of criticism thrown at her. She is a brave woman.

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