I feel the same, Tracy, although I am disheartened by Medium’s decisions that leave a large group of dedicated writers searching for other ways to make money, resulting in those writers (and photographers) spending less time here. I wish I understood the logic behind the logarithm changes. One small piece of well-chosen words and thoughts is worth much more in the literary sense than a 15-minute read that rehashes what we’ve all read before.

I’ve noticed some non-poets are writing longer pieces hoping to cash in on the length-of-time-spent-reading logarithm, which results in me not reading them as often. I may have 5 or 10 minutes to spare for a longish piece but certainly not 15 or 20 minutes, especially when the extra words weren’t needed.

I appreciate you submitting this piece to Weeds & Wildflowers, Tracy. Many of our contributors are poets, and I’m sure they feel as dejected as I do right now.

By the way, your photos are magnificent!

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